Xiaomon b

Xiaomon is a Lesser Digimon whose name is derived from "Xiǎo" (小? lit. "small").Xiaomon is a fun loving Digimon who is Labramon's In-Training form.She look s a lot like paomon.She is very cute and playful.Xiaomon is always by Luna's side.In the real world so no one will think weird of Xiaomon Luna acts like she is her dog that she got painted with pink ears,a tail,and paws.Xiaomon comes to school with Luna everyday and has to sit in her backpack all day until school ends then they hed off to the digital world where Xiaomon turns back into Labramon.Xiaomon sleeps with Luna in the same bed.Luna's parents can't know she's real so she pretends Xiaomon is a toy that she sleeps with.Xiaomon is quite the actress she knows when to act like a toy and not.Xiaomon's best buddies are Luna,Zack,Tokomon,and Dorimon.


  • Tsumo (ツゥーモ?): Xiaomon shoots out a big fire ball from her mouth devouring her enemies.
  • Wind Cycle: Xiaomon inhales air and when she shoots it out of her mouth it makes millions of small sharp winds blow out.
  • Tail Strike:Xiaomon's tail's curl makes a sharp ball of energy to shoot the enemies striking them with great power.
  • Hydro Wave: Xiaomon's paws get surrounded by hydro (water) and cause a powerful wave at the enemy.
  • Rock Shot:Xiaomon shoots out tons of rocks or earth from her paws.