Seasaramon is the female version of Seasarmon.Seasaramon is the Champion form of Labramon.She looks much less ferocious.She loves to jump around in the grass.Shes pretty big like Seasarmon but just a bit smaller since she's female so Luna is able to ride on her back maybe even to school.Her growl is very scary,whenever someone makes fun of her in her Xiaomon form or making fun and teasing Luna she digivolves and jumps out to the rescue! Seasaramon is very sweet and protective but beware of her Soul Horn.


  • Soul Horn: Seasaramon's horn looks like its coming off but no its becoming bigger and it opens shooting millions of sharp horn out of it.
  • Tee Dia[4] (ティーダ・イヤTiida Iya?): Shoots holy solar beam arrows.
  • Sekkantou (石敢当?)[5]: Punches with paws glowing with holy light
  • Fire Paw:Seasaramon's paw starts to get surrounded by fire causing a punch that can burn through anything!
  • Wind Claw:Seasaramon's claws start to collect wind and they fire out millions of sharp claw like figures made out of wind.