Patamon is a sweet and fun loving Digimon.His Tamer is Zack Kurami, a young adventurous boy who gets two digimon Patamon and Dorumon.Patamon loves to fly around and play.His best buddy,Dorumon, is his favorite playmate.When Patamon is around Zack he's always on Zack's head laying down or sitting there.Patamon's main attack is Boom Bubble.He's suppose to resemble a hamster, with batlike wings instead of ears.He loves to watch bubbles because then he starts blowing bubbles doing Boom Bubble!Lunakuramia12 22:50, June 14, 2011 (UTC)Angela Bratan


  • Boom Bubble (Air shot): His stomach gets pretty big and round inhaling air which shoots out a big air shot bubble that shoots from his mouth.
  • Slamming Attack:Patamon slams into his enemies with a powerful push
  • Flaming Air Shot:Patamon inhales air turning it into flames in his mouth and shoots out a flaming Boom Bubble turning his enemies into a burnt potato!
  • Wing Rush:Patamon's wings flap so fast they look like they're in a rush and they shoot off millions of sharp winds slicing his enemies to bits of data.
  • Hane Binta (はねビンタ? lit. "Wing Slap").
  • Air Gust: Inflates its body and spits out clouds.