Labramon is a dog-like digimon her name comes from Labrador.She is the digimon of Luna Kuramia (fictional character real name of this character is Angela Bratan).Labramon will risk her life to keep Luna safe she loves her a lot.Luna got Labramon by a dream in that dream she was in the digital world with labramon and labramon was protecting her by the evil digimon Myotismon.Luna woke up screaming and it was morning when she walked out of her door to go to school she was in the digital world with a paomon by her side.Labramon is a cute and playful little digimon who will annoy Luna just to play.Her record of playing was a whole 72 hours straight without resting!! Seasaramon is her champion form.Lunakuramia12 03:29, June 14, 2011 (UTC)Angela Bratan


  • Angel Claw:Labramon's Claws start to glow sending off a very deadly scratch!
  • Collosal Bark:Labramon barks a purple and dangerous blast that destroys her enemies!!!!
  • Cure Lick:Labramons lick cures everything hurt no matter how big the wound and it wipes away the wound and blood
  • Retriever Bark:Labramon barks causing high frequencies!!