Lord HolyAngemon v

HolyAngemon is the digivolved version of Angemon or you can say an Ultimate level.There is 2 ultimate levels for Patamon Magnaangemon and HolyAngemon. HolyAngemon is more powerful but they are both as powerful as a Mega level digimon. HolyAngemon Protects Zack with all his might.Zack's life made HolyAngemon come to life. He is made out of his good dreams and imaginations.His beautiful wings help him fly.Zack can fly on his back of course he can also fly on Angemon's back. HolyAngemon is a very handsome digimon he is the helper of God to be Zack's real guardian angel yet he is a digimon. Holy Light is HolyAngemon's strongest attack


  • Excalibur: Draws the Excalibur blade from his right wrist.
  • Heaven's Gate: HolyAngemon's Gate of Destiny; draws a circle in the air to suck all enemies into another dimension.
  • Holy Light: HolyAngemon holds his Excalibur in the air causing light all around him and destroying darkness.
  • Soul Fist: Soul Fist is a even more powerful version of Hand Of Fate.