Although Holy Angelmon looks pretty ugly in this picture she is actually beautiful.No one knows what she really looks like except Luna and herself.Holy Angelmon showed up once to defeat Nephistomon this only happend because Luna was in great danger where Nephistomon almost killed her but then Labramon Double Warped digivolved into Holy Angelmon and destroyed him! Holy Angelmon is a very strong mega Digimon.She protects Luna with all her might.Everybody thought she was just a myth but she came to life when Luna dreamt her.Beware of Holy Angelmon's Grand Soul Kisser it's the one of the 3 strongest attacks ever and it is the stronger form of Soul Kisser.Holy Angelmon's weapon is a beautiful harp that is not shown in this picture.


  • Grand Soul Kisser:Holy Angelmon gets surrounded by holy light she blows a kiss making a giant heart of energy it doesnt look strong but it follows the enemy when it gets inside nothing can save the enemy,it gets destroyed forever no matter what digimon.It can only be used when Luna is in great danger.
  • Holy Lullaby:Holy Angelmon sings a beautiful song causing everything hurt or destroyed to get healed and back to normal unless its evil.It can only be used if many things are hurt or destroyed.
  • Harp Song:Holy Angelmon plays a song on her harp causing tsunamis flooding her enemy.
  • Wing Poison: Holy Angelmon's wings start to spread poison over her enemies.