Dominimon is a Mega Digimon whose name and design are derived from the mythological Dominion. It wields the "Final Excalibur" sword.Dominimon is the Mega form of Patamon.There is also Seraphimon but this is the one and only Dominimon that belongs to Zack.Zack has the most powerful Patamon of them all because of his digivolution line.Dominimon is extremely powerful.Beware of his dangerous Final Excalibur it can slice you to bits! Dominimon is the final and strongest guardian angel for Zack.Dominimon may look kind of evil but he is all good and his two best friends and helpers are Alphamon and Luna's HolyAngelmon.Together they are unstoppable.When Dominimon,Alphamon,and HolyAngelmon put all of their light and power together they defeat all of the darkness in the digital world though it is almost impossible to get them all together but I bet Zack and Luna can manage it! But he can only become Dominimon with the help of The Crest Of The Sun.


  • Final Excalibur: Draws its "Final Excalibur" sword from its left wrist.
  • Triple Seven: Trible Seven is one of the ultimate attacks of light.It also gives Dominimon an imence power of light.
  • Holy Serge: Dominimon flys in the air with the Final Excalibur sword charging and in the form of Triple Seven,and Flys at them weilding his sword in the forward direction and slices through them.It can cut through any sheild or defence.