Angelmon is the ultimate form of Labramon.She is suppose to be a beautiful angel Digimon.She has many things that Angewomon has because they are almost the same digimon.Angelmon has a bow as a weapon she makes arrows from her hands out of her feathers.Angelmon is like Luna's guardian angel.Her mega form looks like Ophanimon but some different features.Angelmon is always by Luna's side to protect her.Her beautiful wings were once Lord Holyangemon's he gave them to her because her wings tor in a battle with her worst enemy Nephistomon.So Lord Holyangemon gave her his.But Lord Holyangemon's wings grew back.Beware of her powerful Soul Kisser.


  • Soul Kisser:Angelmon blows a kiss making a little heart of energy fly at her enemy first it doesnt look like much but it follows her enemy and once it gets inside of it it destroys the soul making the enemy disenagrate, but it can only be used if Luna is in great danger.
  • Holy Bow: Angelmon makes a powerful arrow out of her feathers and shoots it out of her bow,it never misses and it destroys almost everything it touches
  • Feathered Wing:Angelmon's wings shoot out millions of deadly feathers.
  • Deadly Lullaby:Beware when Angelmon sings to her enemy out of her mouth you see musical notes but those notes can damage her enemy badly and they also freeze them so Angelmon can attack!